Left at London

Based out of Seattle, WA, Left at London (who also goes by /@/ for short, or by her real name Nat Puff) could be considered a singer, a songwriter, a musician, & a producer among other things, but it's a much fairer assessment to say that she is first & foremost an artist. Puff got her start as a comedian on beloved app Vine and boasted 28M+ plays on her videos, which sparked a cult following online, especially on Twitter. After the success of her first two EP's in 2018 ("The Purple Heart" & "Transgender Street Legend Vol 1,"), she spent the entirety of 2019 & the beginning of 2020 working on what was supposed to be her debut album, "You Are Not Alone Enough," a breakup album that was announced on KEXP. Once the pandemic struck, Left at London utilized the situational seclusion to her advantage, making “Transgender Street Legend Vol 2” & what ended up actually being her debut album, "t.i.a.p.f.y.h.", an album about the ups and downs of healing from trauma & mental illness, written & recorded during a stay at the city of Shoreline's art cottage, as part of an artist in residency program. With three EP's & an album under her belt, she has made amazing strides in the industry without a single editorial playlist placement. As a transgender woman, Left at London is passionate about representing her community within her music. Notable collaborations include Dylan Brady, Laura Les, Yung Skrrt, and glass beach.

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