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Tango Time Limited Edition CD

Tango Time Limited Edition CD

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Limited edition CD of 50 total copies. Orange bottomed CD-R. Individually numbered.

Listen to the album.

See the Tango Time TV Show!

It's Tango Time.

Tango is an orange cat who is family to the Needlejuice staffer Kendra Shepherd. He's a good boy. He eats soup and wears a propeller hat. He's known for being the biggest fan of the musician Dogbowl.

Earlier in 2024, Tango was rescued by a very generous group of people who donated to his GoFundMe for an emergency surgery that was required to save his life. Tango's star has been steadily rising in the Needlejuice Records Discord community, and today he has become a household name.

On April 1, 2024, Tango hosted the first episode of his new TV show, Tango Time. Many of his friends joined the stream to hunt goblins and play video games with him. This is the soundtrack to that TV show. Bonus tracks included!

A very limited run of 50 CDs are being made!

Ever since Tango's emergency surgery, he is required to eat a very specific type of prescription food. Proceeds from the sales of this album will go directly to benefit Tango.


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