Nuclear Bubble Wrap

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. While their early work was devoted to creating humorous internet content, the band’s style evolved into whimsical art-rock influenced by Ween and The Flaming Lips. Their music is known for containing lush, multi-layered psychedelic arrangements, with catchy melodies and witty lyrics. Their live show features a bevy of masks and costumes.

Founded by keyboardist Jace McLain and guitarist Kyle Thorne, Nuclear Bubble Wrap began recording home-made demo albums in 2005 before switching to fully-produced studio recordings in 2010. Some of this material was played on the Dr. Demento Show. Using the momentum from several popular viral music videos, the band built a cult following and has played in several cities across the United States. The current iteration of the group is filled out by bassist Stephen Smith and drummer Julia Larson.

2014 saw the release of their immersive, 21-song album, Psycho Delicacy, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The album marked the transition to the band’s current neo-psychedelic sound. In 2016, they released the follow-up, Multiverses, a diversion into shoegaze and space rock. These albums form the first two parts of a trilogy about anxiety and depression. The final part of this triptych is 2020’s Problem Attic.

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