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Psycho Delicacy - Cassette

Psycho Delicacy - Cassette

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4-Panel J card and Dolby-B compatible cassette tape in a translucent purple shell.


Psycho Delicacy has been recorded with strict attention to maximizing quality, detail, and sonic fidelity. Sound waves were captured directly out of the air by a wizard and magically converted to a pristine, lossless digital format. It is important that the wizard did not do this willingly, as his sadness and tears were a vital component to the spell's success. To ensure the most faithful and fruitful Psycho Delicacy experience, please wire the sound output directly into our cerebral cortex. It is highly encouraged for the listener to briefly pause the album at the end of track nine and pretend to change to a second disc; bonus points are awarded for making CD player or turntable noises out loud. Psycho Delicacy has been tested to work with a multitude of mind-altering substances, including cannabis, psilocybin, kitten videos and horse tranquilizers.

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