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Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club

3D Printed Vanilla The Snowman

3D Printed Vanilla The Snowman

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  • 3D Printed and Painted snowman figure
  • Made on-demand in the Needlejuice office!

Note: 3D prints are subject to variations in print quality. This product is made on-demand when ordered and could take up to 2 weeks to ship.


This album is the reason Needlejuice exists. Logan Whitehurst was a songwriting, graphic designing, multi-instrument beholding wizard of the light-heartedly absurd. He was known as the drummer for bands like Little Tin Frog and The Velvet Teen, but it was his original work that struck a chord with us (watch out comedy professionals over here). His music was an ever-changing stew of genre, his lyrics could be silly and hilarious on one track then poignant and beautiful on the next. In December 2006, Logan passed away from brain cancer at 29. We, along with all his fans, were devastated. In the years since, we’ve covered his songs, mimicked his unquestionably unique style, and even named an award after him, all the while cherishing the work he left behind. Though Logan released many albums in his lifetime, few held together as a concise piece of art quite like 2003’s Goodbye, My 4-Track. The 21-track masterpiece deftly portrayed the full breadth of Logan’s talent. Dr. Demento has even referred to it as the “Sgt. Pepper’s of comedy music”. The album has been a favorite of ours these past 12 years. Going back to it elicits the same feeling of wonderment it had upon first listen. Late last year, we realized that it never was given a proper LP release. In essence, it was the whole impetus behind starting this label in the first place. And so, with the support and assistance of Logan’s family and friends, Needlejuice is reissuing Goodbye, My 4-Track on CD, and issuing on cassette and LP for the first time. It’s an honor and privilege to be able to put this out.

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