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Billy Cobb

Billy Cobb (Bear Album) - Cassette

Billy Cobb (Bear Album) - Cassette

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  • Dolby noise reduction
  • 3 panel Jcard
  • Brown shell


Billy Cobb took the internet by storm in 2020 with his Weezer-inspired Zerwee albums, amassing millions of streams off their success. Those who follow Billy’s music would quickly learn just how multifaceted of a musician he is, with influences ranging from pop punk to emo to noise rock to folk and sea shanties. Needlejuice Records took to releasing two albums by Billy Cobb in 2021 which showcase that wide array of influences. Billy Cobb’s self titled album, (also known as the Bear Album) showcases Billy at some of his most emotionally vulnerable songwriting combined with pop punk and emo guitar riffs, with many of Cobb’s fans citing it as one of his best works.

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