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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4 - Double Cassette

Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4 - Double Cassette

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  • Green and red cassette shells
  • Dolby B noise reduction
  • On-body print.


King Gizzard have finally released a followup to the first collection of demos, and with multiple new jams and two versions of The Dripping Tap, it does not disappoint! As usual, our calling is to drop a vinyl of this Bootlegger release as soon as we possibly can, and we’ve come up with 2 variants: “Dead Pond Scum” is in the same vein as the original “Bad Bananas” variant of Demos 1+2. “Dripping Tap” sees the drip from the tap getting progressively bigger across both discs.

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