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Haishen T-Shirt

Haishen T-Shirt

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Haishen (海神; god of the sea) takes after its name; monolithic yet fluid, enigmatic yet omnipresent, swallowing everything in its way. Guitarist Xuhao and bassist Justin Montione had been writing music together for a while with the intention to start a post-rock band. After experimenting with several larger configurations, they pared down to the classic power trio, recruiting drummer Randy Rowe Jr. in summer 2019. It only took a few rehearsals for them to realize that three people could create a sound as powerful and multifaceted as a group twice their size. The band’s 2020 self-titled debut EP featured a trio of songs demonstrating the three pillars of their sound: the heavy, the ambient, and the virtuosic – blended together and presented in an accessible, aesthetic manner. In 2021, this EP was newly remixed, remastered and will be released on CD, tape and digital by Needlejuice Records. The band continue to write their story, fearlessly pushing into the uncharted, eyes focused on the horizon.

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