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Intellectual Hooliganism - Rainbow Splatter LP

Intellectual Hooliganism - Rainbow Splatter LP

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  • 180-gram vinyl
  • Grimace Purple with Rainbow Splatter 2xLP
  • Gatefold jacket with lyrics
  • Download card with album commentary


Flummox is proud to announce the release of Intellectual Hooliganism via Needlejuice Records on September 21st. The followup to 2016’s acclaimed Selcouth, the progressive metal group have crafted an epic ode to outcasts, the anxious & the queer. This new record is a relentless barrage of heavy psychedelic riffs with surreal detours into methlab hoedowns and opossum biology. Now available for pre-order on cassette and purple-with-rainbow-splatter LP, Intellectual Hooliganism’s physical release captures Flummox’s technicolor chaos. Intellectual Hooliganism’s 13 cuts owe as much to the likes of Mr. Bungle and Frank Zappa as it does to today’s hellish political climate and the dysphoria & daily struggles of the band members’ lives. The album was recorded at Studio D in Tullahoma, TN and produced by Flummox and Dave Summers. The album can be streamed on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Both physical editions of the album will come with a digital download featuring a bonus album commentary.

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