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Joe Siris

It's Okay to Leave a Dog in a Hot Car - CD Single

It's Okay to Leave a Dog in a Hot Car - CD Single

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  • Glass replicated CD in jewel case 


“I don’t know what we was thinking, but the kids sure liked it.” -Ringo Starr The Beatles’ classic single “It’s Okay to Leave a Dog in a Hot Car” was the song of the summer of ’66 and is now one of the greatest cases of lost media the world has ever seen. A multi-platinum monster when it was first released, a mix-up at the manufacturer caused the records to be pressed using an unstable experimental polymer that rendered them all into a volatile, toxic goo within months. Before the single could be repressed, the plates were destroyed for a tax write-off, and it is said that Paul McCartney burned the master tapes himself. We can’t go back in time to bring you the Beatles’ original, but we can give you the next-best thing: Joe Siris’ wonderful recreation of the lost masterpiece.

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