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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Live in Chicago '23 - LP Boxset

Live in Chicago '23 - LP Boxset

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  • 500 copies 
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Each show is in its own 3-LP gatefold set
  • Song-inspired colored vinyl
  • Mastered for vinyl by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio

ATTENTION KING GIZZARD BUYERS: We know you have been waiting on Live in Chicago '23 and Demos Vol 5+6 so here's a rundown right here:
CDs and tapes are IN PRODUCTION, should be here VERY SOON.
Vinyl will be the FOLLOWING SHIPMENT we get AFTER the April shipment we're getting (which is Tom Lehrer and Napoleon XIV). IT IS THE NEXT THING IN LINE AFTER THAT, WE'RE ALMOST DONE!Vinyl Tracklist:

Disc 1 Side A: Pleura / O.N.E. / Nuclear Fusion / Minimum Brain Size
Disc 1 Side B: Gaia/Motor Spirit / The Great Chain of Being/Gaia
Disc 2 Side A: Witchcraft / Satan Speeds Up / Trapdoor
Disc 2 Side B: The River
Disc 3 Side A: Evil Death Roll / Magma
Disc 3 Side B: Boogieman Sam
Disc 4 Side A: Rattlesnake / Honey
Disc 4 Side B: Shanghai / Hate Dancin / Astroturf 
Disc 5 Side A: Down the Sink / Invisible Face / Wah Wah / Road Train
Disc 5 Side B: Ice V
Disc 6 Side A: Inner Cell / Loyalty / Horology / Supercell
Disc 6 Side B: Self-Immolate / Am I in Heaven?
Disc 7 Side A: Gila Monster/Converge / Planet B / Mars for the Rich / Plastic Boogie
Disc 7 Side B:  Hot Water / Hypertension
Disc 8 Side A: This Thing / Magenta Mountain
Disc 8 Side B: Change / The Garden Goblin
Disc 9 Side A: The Dripping Tap
Disc 9 Side B: Etching?

Vinyl colors:
Disc 1: Motor Spirit
Disc 2: Witchcraft
Disc 3: Magma
Disc 4: Shanghai
Disc 5: Nonagon Infinity
Disc 6: Supercell
Disc 7: Gila Monster
Disc 8: Change
Disc 9: The Dripping Tap


In 2023, King Gizzard performed multiple nights in cities across the US-- this tour being known as the Residency Tour. This is one of those 3-night runs at The Salt Shed in Chicago!

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