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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Live in Chicago '23 - LP Boxset

Live in Chicago '23 - LP Boxset

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  • 500 copies 
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Each show is in its own 3-LP gatefold set
  • Song-inspired colored vinyl
  • Mastered for vinyl by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio

This PRE-ORDER is expected to ship in January 2024. If you wish to receive any in-stock items immediately, please place them in a separate order. Final product may differ from mock-ups.

NOTICE FOR KING GIZZARD BUYERS: If you ordered Live at Red Rocks earlier this year, IT IS SHIPPING THIS MONTH. We will try to not make this box set take as long.

Vinyl Tracklist:
Disc 1 Side A: Pleura / O.N.E. / Nuclear Fusion / Minimum Brain Size
Disc 1 Side B: Gaia/Motor Spirit / The Great Chain of Being/Gaia
Disc 2 Side A: Witchcraft / Satan Speeds Up / Trapdoor
Disc 2 Side B: The River
Disc 3 Side A: Evil Death Roll / Magma
Disc 3 Side B: Boogieman Sam
Disc 4 Side A: Rattlesnake / Honey
Disc 4 Side B: Shanghai / Hate Dancin / Astroturf 
Disc 5 Side A: Down the Sink / Invisible Face / Wah Wah / Road Train
Disc 5 Side B: Ice V
Disc 6 Side A: Inner Cell / Loyalty / Horology / Supercell
Disc 6 Side B: Self-Immolate / Am I in Heaven?
Disc 7 Side A: Gila Monster/Converge / Planet B / Mars for the Rich / Plastic Boogie
Disc 7 Side B:  Hot Water / Hypertension
Disc 8 Side A: This Thing / Magenta Mountain
Disc 8 Side B: Change / The Garden Goblin
Disc 9 Side A: The Dripping Tap
Disc 9 Side B: Etching?

Vinyl colors:
Disc 1: Motor Spirit
Disc 2: Witchcraft
Disc 3: Magma
Disc 4: Shanghai
Disc 5: Nonagon Infinity
Disc 6: Supercell
Disc 7: Gila Monster
Disc 8: Change
Disc 9: The Dripping Tap


In 2023, King Gizzard performed multiple nights in cities across the US-- this tour being known as the Residency Tour. This is one of those 3-night runs at The Salt Shed in Chicago!

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