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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Nonagon Infinity Live - Cassette

Nonagon Infinity Live - Cassette

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  • Red shell
  • Artwork by Echo Barrett

ATTENTION KING GIZZARD BUYERS: We know you have been waiting on Live in Chicago '23 and Demos Vol 5+6 so here's a rundown right here:
CDs and tapes are IN PRODUCTION, should be here VERY SOON.
Vinyl will be the FOLLOWING SHIPMENT we get AFTER the April shipment we're getting (which is Tom Lehrer and Napoleon XIV). IT IS THE NEXT THING IN LINE AFTER THAT, WE'RE ALMOST DONE!


We have a decent idea that this was one of the most sought-after Full Album Live bootleggers to be done. And with the release of Live in Chicago '23, it is true: Nonagon Infinity can be bootlegged in its entirety. Although there have been many other labels participating in bootleg compilations, Needlejuice has never attempted doing it. Until now.

The next obvious idea was to make 8-tracks of the album, since the 8-track is capable of "endlessly looping." And thus, Nonagon Infinity Live is available from Needlejuice on vinyl, CD, cassette, and... 8-track. Solidly mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio, this live compilation is made to feel just as seamless as looping the original album on repeat.
Hear the album on Bandcamp.

Song sources:
Robot Stop - Red Rocks '22
Big Fig Wasp - Brussels '19
Gamma Knife - Red Rocks '22
People-Vultures - Red Rocks '22
Mr. Beat - London '19
Evil Death Roll - London '19
Invisible Face - Chicago '23
Wah Wah - Chicago '23
Road Train - Chicago '23

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