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Regdar and the Fighters

Repossess the Sky, Pt. 1 - CD

Repossess the Sky, Pt. 1 - CD

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  • Glass replicated CD in digipak case
  • Lyric booklet


REGDAR AND THE FIGHTERS is the brain project of Stephen Smith (bassist, Nuclear Bubble Wrap) utilizing his influences of punk rock, TMBG-esque lyrics, and of course, his drummer REGDAR: a DDR pad programmed with a variety of randomized drum samples. Under this moniker, Stephen Smith has released a few rock opera albums: Flight of Malibu and The Ballad of Constance and Johnny (released on Needlejuice in 2018). The new album Repossess the Sky Pt. 1 is a sequel to the former and a spin-off to the latter, connecting all 3 albums in a plotline. Using Rush as an inspiration, the album’s first half is a bunch of unrelated catchy songs, while the second half is a pretentious rock opera.

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