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Smashy Claw - Former Spine - CD

Smashy Claw - Former Spine - CD

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The debut album from Needlejuice co-founder Austin Ash Lemon's former band, Smashy Claw. Contains tracks such as CHOMPCHOMPCHOMP, My Almost Me, and Chasing Bats.

Hear the album.

"Smashy Claw's 2013 debut record. I'm not super proud of most of this now, but it was a giant leap forward from everything that came before. The first professionally produced all-original studio album.

Despite going to the same high school for four years and being in the same social circles while attending that high school, I didn't properly meet Nathan Long until we graduated. We were at a mutual friend's New Years party when he started playing an original tune on the friend's parent's keyboard. I was intrigued.

Having just quit the whole Odd Austin thing, I was keen to find other musicians to forge something new with. I suggested we get together at my place, which we did the following week. And the rest is even lower-tiered music history than when I met Jace."


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