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Lemon Demon

The Oldest Man on MySpace - Wax Cylinder

The Oldest Man on MySpace - Wax Cylinder

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  • Wax cylinder for phonograph
  • Cylinder packaged in a tube, with outer box packaging 
  • Mastered by Angel Hair Audio, but on a wax cylinder you can't really tell

This is a novelty item. Wax cylinders don't sound good. It does indeed have the music on it, but this item is not subject to refunds or returns for sound quality, clicks, pops, hissing, or any such claims related to the functionality of this thing. Don't pretend you don't know what you're getting into when you're buying a wax cylinder.


“Old Godzilla was hopping around Tokyo City like a big playground…” How many times have you and your friends watched that goofy little flash video since it came out in December? A few people on the internet have started calling it a “meme,” a science-y sounding term for an idea that infects the brain like a virus. It’s spread all over your junior high school like the world’s biggest inside joke, confounding your parents and teachers. But while the world is obsessed with ”The Ultimate Showdown,” you know that Lemon Demon- actually 20-year-old internet creator Neil Cicerega- is so much more than a soundtracker of funny animations. Curled up in your childhood bed, you let the sweet, mellow psychedelia of his latest album Dinosaurchestra wash over you. Neil’s music and lyrics are sensitive and introspective, and it’s hard to not see yourself in characters like the self-defeating musician “Indie Cindy” or the passionate protagonist of “This Hyper World.” Or maybe you’re one of the members of the titular dinosaurchestra, joyously rocking away as disaster looms in the sky. It feels like Neil really gets you, like the wise and funny older brother you wish you had. Needlejuice Records is proud to reissue Dinosaurchestra in its first physical release since 2006. Newly remastered by Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz), Dinosaurchestra is presented as a deluxe colored 2LP set featuring bonus tracks and a poster, a two-CD set with an entire disc of bonus material, and cassette. This release will delight Lemon Demon fans new and old, preserving this special period of Neil’s career for all to enjoy.

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