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Ookla the Mok

Vs. Evil - Split Personality LP

Vs. Evil - Split Personality LP

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  • Half n Half Neon Purple and Neon Yellow LP
  • Gatefold jacket with all new artwork by Art Baltazar
  • Lyric insert
  • Download card


Vs. Evil is a supervillain-themed concept album centering around the Marvel and DC universes. Ookla the Mok combine their signature comedy music abilities with the emotional narratives behind these fictional characters in a way that we think works super well. While tracks like “Doctor Octopus” and “Kang the Conqueror” are among some of Ookla’s most overtly silly works of music that poke fun at the comics they love, other tracks like “Suprema Lex” and “Amora Adores Thor” bring out Ookla’s passion for the stories that inspire them. To top it all off, the album artwork is done by DC Comics artist Art Baltazar.

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