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Billy Cobb

Zerwee 1+2 Vinyl Bundle

Zerwee 1+2 Vinyl Bundle

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  • Both "Zerwee" LPs at a discount
  • 180 gram vinyl
  • Mystery color variants
  • Lyric inserts
  • Remastered by Angel Hair Audio


Billy Cobb is an eclectic rock musician and internet personality. Active since 2016, he has been very prolific and has released over a dozen albums and EPs spanning genres of alt. rock, folk, noise rock, emo rock, and sea shanties. His most well known projects, Zerwee and Zerwee, Pt. 2 are a pastiche and a love letter to the band Weezer, taking the internet by storm upon release when listeners noted the spot-on imitation in the musicianship and the uncanny similarity of Billy’s vocal performance. Zerwee is a four song EP stylistically similar to Weezer’s Blue Album, while Zerwee, Pt. 2 is a full length album channeling the emotional performances of Pinkerton.

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